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Praise for Olive Senior's poetry
The thing that immediately strikes one is her control of tone - like a singer having perfect pitch.
E.A.MARKHAM, Hinterland
Shell Shell
Trade paperback
Publisher: Insomniac Press
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Finalist, Pat Lowther Memorial Award

In Shell, Olive Senior continues her ongoing investigation of the natural world, the nature of poetry and the power of her Caribbean heritage. She is our guide through realms of miniature elegance, those of shells in their abundant manifestations. ... Senior gives us hen's eggs as hymns, molluscs as metaphors, shells of all kinds - sometimes fragile, sometimes unyielding - as home, as womb, as token and as totem. Ultimately, she places these shells, small and delicate, at the heart of the Jamaican cane fields, revealing a history rich with culture and haunted by slavery. These are Senior's most powerful and affirming poems to date.
[Olive Senior] is the shell of which she writes... the vessel through which the voices of her personal and communal history speak; and she is the sea that informs the shell and carries the voices to shores far distant from their place of origin.

polished and gracefully shaped, but also engaging and passionate.

She writes strongly, sings clearly, revealing pain, giving context and insight. These are poems to be read and reread, to be mulled over, and relished.

replete with lyricism and wit ...

Wit, humour, word play and the effortless fluency which have come to characterise Senior's writing. ...are present on every page.